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Having taken the difficult decision to start couples therapy, Ann made us feel right from the start – secure, calm and comfortable. This allowed us both to open up about our issues, without it leading to a massive argument.

 Ann has a non-judgemental attitude in her sessions, she has been very balanced in her appraisal of our situation and we have found her to give excellent advice and coaching.

 On occasion we have joined the session is a state of distress and somehow she has found a way to allow us both to retreat from ‘jumping off the cliff’.

 Ann is an excellent communicator, listener and all round relationship coach. She is simply brilliant and we are glad we found her.

M & S

We came to Ann when we were experiencing problems communicating effectively, and treating each other with respect during arguments. We also struggled with letting our arguments blow out of proportion, and it was really affecting our relationship. Ann taught us how to better listen to each other, communicate, and try to see things from the other’s point of view. We have a much stronger and more stable relationship as a result, and feel so much happier in our day to day lives.

C & T

Ann’s friendly professionalism put me at ease from our first session. And being able to have quality therapy while in the comfort of my home over Skype has made life much simpler for me.


I would say counselling with Ann has made me emotionally stronger!  It has given me the confidence to approach things in my life in a different way and made me more comfortable with my decisions in how to deal with things.  It has made me look at things from a different perspective and stop blaming myself for all that happens.


I’m very happy that we have had these sessions! You are a great listener, I often feel there’s no point talking cos nobody understands, very few even really try!

Shirish M.

I remember almost not turning up to my first session with Ann out of fear but the minute we met she immediately put me at ease and made it easy for me to completely open up in a safe, non judgmental environment. As someone who travels a lot for work I benefited from having skype sessions with Ann and am grateful to her for reminding me of the positives and not letting me forget the progress I was making each session. I was in an exceptionally dark place for quite some time and I genuinely didn’t think I would ever get out of it but with Ann’s help and medication I am finally back on my feet with a positive outlook on life.


Ann created a welcoming atmosphere in the sessions. She ensured that we both were heard, understood and supported.

Counselling was helpful in development of communication within our relationship. 

A and M

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