Counselling how it works

What is counselling?

Counselling provides an opportunity to explore personal issues in a one on one setting with me (whether online such as skype or face to face). 

I will help you explore your feelings, thoughts and personal experiences in order to work towards finding your own solutions and a way forward. 

Sometimes difficult experiences, decisions and life transitions can feel overwhelming.  I’d like to think I can help you find your way forward.  You might just be feeling unhappy or confused.  It doesn’t have to reach the crisis stage before you seek help

There is no magic number of sessions you might want or need.  Generally I’d recommend starting with six weekly sessions and seeing how you go.  Each session is 50 minutes long.


Everything you tell me is between me and you.  I only share certain information with my Supervisor which I am required to do and I would only use your first name.  If I am worried about something, I will discuss it with you.  I do take notes but no one sees my notes except for me. 

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